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Move With Grace has partnered with one of Canada’s top dancewear retailers to deliver your apparel needs at a substantial savings right to the convenience of home!
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  1. Pointe Elastic
    Pointe Elastic
    Total As low as $3.00
  2. Freshify - Original Scent
    Freshify - Original Scent
    Total As low as $15.95
  3. Grishko Fouette Pro Flex
    Grishko Fouette Pro Flex
    Grishko Fouette Pro Flex
    Total As low as $115.00
  4. Carlotta
    Total As low as $105.00
  5. Glam Bootie
    Glam Bootie
    Total As low as $33.50
  6. Clear Garment Bag
    Clear Garment Bag
    Total As low as $17.95

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